Al Nasr held goalless draw in the opening round of the Arabian Gulf League

Saturday, 16 September 2017 - 2:15am

Al Nasr and Sharjah, held goalless draw in the opening round of the Arabian Gulf League which was held at Sharjah Stadium.

The Italian Prandelli, made a selection of Ahmed Shambeh goalkeeper and in the defense Ahmed Ibrahim, Khalifa Mubarak, Jouan Al Amri and Mahmoud Khamis, in the center of the stadium. team captain Tarek Ahmed, Amer Mubarak, Abdulaziz Barrrada, Jassim Yaqub and Marcelo.

In the 35th minute from a tactical attack with indirect free-kick, Al Nasr came to Sharjah net without the vigilance of the team's defender who turned the ball into corner before reaching to Wanderly.

In the 38th minute Marcelo passed a superb ball to Wanderly beating the Sharjah defense, but Sharjah goalkeeper Ahmed Juma intervened and took the ball off at the last minute.

In the second half the game was limited in the middle of the field with a clear preference of Al Nase which formed corner strikes on Sharjah goal net.

Prandelli made two offensive replacements, replacing striker Salim Saleh instead of Jasim Yaqoub and Ahmed Khamis instead of Tarek Ahmed to activate the attacking performance of Captain, who had taken over the center of the pitch and pressed the Sharjah into the final minutes of the match, but Sharjah teams' defense and the goalkeeper deprived Al Nasr of winning a deserved win.


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