Prandelli: Careful defense and intense presence in the attacking area a key for Al Nasr victory

Thursday, 7 September 2017 - 7:45pm

The Italian Cesare Prandelli confirmed the readiness of the team to start the new season after a period of good preparations at all levels of technical and physical and 
said "We have done well in the past and we look forward to present our best against Ajman in the Arabian Gulf Cup match and all the matches we play throughout the season".

"The win over Ajman requires us to be careful in the defense and not to receive any goals and with high focus on the attacking area." 

The Italian coach revealed that all the players are ready for the match, with the exception of Massaoud Sulaiman, who was suspended after receiving red card in the final match of the President's Cup against Al Wahda in the last season.

Prandelli praised the efforts made by Al Nasr players during the preparation period. "From the beginning I noticed that things are positive, and all players have the desire to develop and do their best in training," he said.

He also praised the rising stars of the team Jassim Yaqoob and marked him as a talented player with great potential, stressing the need to continue to work hard and gain experience.

Ahmad Alyassi confirmed his full readiness and recovery from the injury he suffered last season. He said: "I made a double effort during the vacation period and prepared myself for my physical fitness, which enabled me to participate in the team's training camp and I feel that I am constantly improving and able to play at my existing level".

He added, " I'm thirsty to return to the stadium after a long absence,"  and said, "The life of player is related to being on the field" I'm sure I'm psychologically and physically well. The instinct of the person is that you are always more motivated, and it's normal to do more.

Alyassi said he was happy to work under Cesare Prandelli, especially as one of the fans of the Italian football and his fan. He said he was constantly following Prandelli when he was coach of the Italian national team and before Fiorentina.

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