Prandelli: Facing Dibba with a new challenge and a new injury, the absence of Marcelo

Thursday, 12 October 2017 - 7:30pm

Italian coach Cesare Prandelli expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the team especially in the previous two matches against Al-Jazira in the Arab Gulf Championship and against the Hatta team in the Arabian Gulf Cup. He stressed that the team provided a distinguished level in both matches despite the numerical shortage Which means that the preparations are moving in the right direction to reach the highest physical and technical level.

"The development of the team is a pleasure for me and the role of the technical staff is always to find the motivation of the players in order to achieve victory in all the confrontations that Al Nasr team is playing," the Italian coach said.

"Injuries are the biggest obstacle to us. Last week we lost Wanderly and in yesterday's training, Marcelo Sernio was injured for two to three weeks, according to a medical report."

"I always try to put the players under pressure and play the role of referee so that the players will be able to control their reaction to the decisions of the referee so as not to repeat what happened in the games against Al Jazira and Hatta."

"Dibba's team is good and organized and has players of the highest caliber," Prandelli said . "We studied the team well and we will deal with their strengths and exploit weaknesses to win."

"Barrada is a great player, on the physical level, he is one of the most physically active players in training and in the technical field, he plays his role perfectly and creates many opportunities and solutions for the players. The lack of goals so far is something return to success and help his colleagues. "

Rashid Issa said, "Dibba is a very good team and I have to expect a very strong team,"  "We just have to follow the coach's instructions and try our best on the pitch to win."

"The work environment at Al Nasr is fantastic and the atmosphere is very distinctive within the dressing room. The coaching staff led by Prandelli and the players helped me to adapt quickly and harmoniously," he said.


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