Prandelli: Our players proved their strength and will continue the strong performance

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 - 6:15pm

"The league matches are strong and all the teams have the ambition and desire to win, but no matter how strong the Shabab Al Ahli Dubai team is," Italian coach said Cesare Prandelli, who is optimistic about the preparations being made in the 9th round of the Arabian Gulf League. "Al Nasr team has players at the highest level and able to threaten the goal of any team and do not lack the experience of major confrontations. "

Prandelli stressed that the high spirits and fighting that characterized the performance of Al Nasr team in the previous game against Hatta will be the starting point for all fans of the Club, especially if the players continued to impose their strong personality in the stadium and full focus till the end of the game and the balance between strong defense and close space and intensity offensive in Defensive areas of the opposing team.

"In the next match Jouan Alomari will be back in the starting line up and despite the absences in the team, the players have proved in the previous game that they can compensate for any absence and waiting for them to continue the strong performance with the same spirit and enthusiasm to continue the positive results."

"I hope that Shabab Al Ahli Dubai will be our stadium until the end of the season, I appreciate the conditions that Al Nasr will undergo because of the construction work at Al Maktoum Stadium. The team will be training at Al Nasr Club and the main training will take place on the night of the match at Al-Aweer playground "He said.

For his part, Lebanese defender Jouan Alomari said that the defense of the team includes the best players, "The defense of Al Nasr is okay, no matter how many absences, but we lack only the full focus, so as not to receive goals from the simple mistakes due to lack of focus in a moments of the game, we should focus 100% until the end whistle. "



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