Al Nasr depart to Germany in the summer camp preparation for the new season

Friday, 19 July 2019 - 4:00pm

Al Nasr 1st football team will depart on Saturday morning from Dubai International Airport heading for the German city of Nürnberg, for an external training preparation camp that will run until August 15th, during which four friendly matches will be played.

The preparation camp is part of the second phase of the Al Nasr's preparations for the new sports season 2019/2020, The first phase included the gathering of players to conduct comprehensive medical examinations that took place at the club premises for 4 days and then engaged the players in the stage of physical training under the supervision of the technical and medical staff.

The team's mission is headed by Mr. Thabit Suhail, Board Member of Al Nasr Football Company, our national team "Tariq Ahmed - Habib Al Fardan - Mohamed Al Akbari" and the two Olympic team players, "Jassem Yaqub and Said Suwaidan" are due to join the mission in Germany. 


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