Caio stresses the difficulty of the match and Masoud Suleiman confirms: Al Nasr always ready

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 - 10:45pm

Brazilian coach Caio Zanardi has expressed confidence that players will be able to return quickly to the path through the Fujairah game in the next round, despite the strength of the game and the difficulty imposed by the struggle of the hometeam to stay in the professional league and avoid landing to the second divison.

Caio stressed that the real picture of the team presented in the previous game, despite the loss, the most important is to gain the restoration of confidence.

On the difficulty of the game, Caio said "Our focus is on equipping the players and rehabilitating the injured. All I care about is maintaining the highest concentration and showing the players the fighting spirit of the previous game, despite the loss and the numerical deficit. However, Al Nasr was a strong competitor for Shabab Al Ahli and it almost changed the score, if not reconciliation. "

For his part, Masoud Suleiman confirmed the ability of the Al Nasr to win no matter the strength of the opponent or their position in the league table, stressing that Al Nasr always ready, no matter what absenteeism remains the spirit of the team present and that drives the players, especially after the return of coach Caio Zanardi, who succeeded in developing the performance of of team defensive and offensive and create a state of harmony between the players missed by the team at the beginning of the season.

He added, "We will continue to work in the spirit of one team and we will do our utmost to show the spirit of challenge and fight to win in the next two encounters so that we can finish the season well"

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