Al Nasr begin periodic medical examinations

Sunday, 18 June 2017 - 12:15pm

Al-Nasr football company started conducting the medical tests for the 1st football team and under 20 years teams players under the supervision of specialist medical staff at Al Garhoud Hospital in Dubai and continue the tests for four days to ensure the readiness of players, health and physical before the launch of external training camp.

Al Falasi: Tests are necessary to protect the rights of the club and players.

Dr. Hamad Al Falasi, member of the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Football Company, confirmed that the seasonal medical examinations precede the start of preparations and are necessary to protect the rights of the club and the player as its essential to the health of the player and to ensure his fitness and readiness to exercise during the season .

Al-Falasi said: "I have included a thorough medical examination on the tests of clinical and laboratory to ensure that the player is free of any disease which may prevent him from playing football, including a comprehensive blood test, heart and bones tests.

He added that the medical examination in general will be at the beginning of the season, before the start of preparations and the second time before the start of the second period of the season and the plan developed by the medical unit in the club includes all the teams of the Al Nasr Football Company.

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