Al Nasr lost against Al Ain in matchweek 21 of competition

Saturday, 21 April 2018 - 9:00pm

Al Nasr lost against Al-Ain 4-0 in the matchweek 21 of Arabian Gulfe League, held today at Shabab Al Ahli Dubai ( Al Aweer ) stadium.

The first half began to be strong and quick from both sides, Al Nasr team was better in the first minutes, Marcelo almost scored the goal for Al Nasr in the seventh minute when he was alone with the ball but the goalkeeper saved the shot.

The two team exchanged attacks, Ahmed Shambeh saved number number of dangerous attempts by Al Ain attack.

In 34th minute, Al Ain managed to progress and opened the scoring by Marcus Berg who managed to add the second goal in the 44th minute by a header which ended the first half.

With the start of the second half, Jovanovic took the first replacement with Rashid Omar departs and Jassim Yacoub enters.

With 62 minutes left, striker Marcus Berg managed to add his third goal with a header.

Al Nasr made a second substitution with Massoud Sulaiman replaced by Salem Saleh who came out injured in the 80th minute and Fawaz Awanah subsituated.

In 84th minute, Al Ain added the fourth goal through Shoutani, the referee canceled the goal after returning to the technical video which showed a foul took place for Mahmoud Khamis before the goal was scored, but Al Ain came back and added the fourth goal through substitute Ahmed Khalil in the last minute of stoppage time, which ended the victory for Al Ain four goals to none Al Nasr.







في الدقيقة "84" أضاف العين الهدف الرابع عن طريق شيوتاني وقد ألغى حكم المباراة الهدف بعد الرجوع الى تقنية الفيديو التي أظهرت وجود خطأ مع اللاعب محمود خميس قبل إحراز الهدف ، ولكن العين عاد مرة أخرى وأضاف الهدف الرابع عن طريق البديل أحمد خليل في الدقيقة الأخيرة من الوقت المحتسب بدل الضائع ، والذي إنتهت عليه نتيجة المباراة بفوز العين بأربعة أهداف دون مقابل للنصر .

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