Al Nasr out of President's Cup after the loss against Dibba on penalties

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 - 11:30pm

Al Nasr gave away the President's Cup after losing from Dibba Al Fujairah on penalties after the end of the official match time with a positive draw 1/1 and then the extra rounds in the match that took place at Khalid bin Mohammed Stadium - Sharjah Club under the 16th President's Cup.

Al-Nasr started the match with an attacking and dominating game until the 12th minute when Walid Ahmed used a cross ball and scored the first goal of the game.

Al Nasr continued attempts through Wanderley and Marcelo to adjust the score, Dibba met these attacks with some counter-attacks as the first half continued at the same pace until the end.

Al Nasr entered the second half more determined to return to the match and modify the score. The referee canceled Salem Salih's goal in the 50th minute.

Mahmoud Khamis's attempts to break through Dibba's defenses continued and he received a penalty in the 55th minute, Wanderly scored a goal, but it was canceled due to a mistake in the penalty kick.

Al Nasr did not diminish and continued the attack until Marcelo managed to adjust the result by a superb header passed by Salem Saleh in the 70th minute.

After the goal of the amendment for Al Nasr, coach Prandelli changed in the team to enter Rashid Omar substitute of Jassim Yaqoob.

Al Nasr attempts to add the second goal did not stop until the referee announced the end of the original time of the match on 1/1 for the two teams to play extra time.

Al Nasr took the replacement in the first extra half as Salim Saleh was replaced by Ali Hussain. The game ended without a change in result.

In the second extra half, the coach took the third switch in the lineup of the Al Nasr with the departure of Ahmad Al Yassi by Massoud Suleiman.

Al Nasr intensified from the attacks on Dibba's goal in the final minutes of the second extra half, with several opportunities of Rashed Omar, but did not succeed until the end of the second extra half and the two teams entered into the penalty kick that went in the favour of Dibba  which qualifeid into the quarter-finals and Al Nasr team gave up the championship.






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