Al Nasr returns to the winning ways by defeating Al Jazeera 1 - 0

Monday, 29 January 2018 - 10:30pm

Al Nasr raised their points to "20" with 4th place after winning against Al Jazeera 1-0 in the 14th round of the Arabian Gulf League  match held Shabab Al Ahli stadium ( Al Aweer ).

Al Nasr began the match offensively and dominated the central area where Marcelo led several quick attacks until he managed in the 16th minute to take an advantage of a wonderful pass from Salem Saleh to open the scoring for Al Nasr.

After scoring the goal, Al jazeera activated attempts to modify the result but the Al Nasr team defense showed steadfastness against the attacks and did not stoped their attacks to add the second goal.

The last moments of the first half saw many opportunities for both sides and Al Nasr managed to maintain the goal difference throughout the first half.

With the start of the second half, Jovanovic took a substitution of Ibrahim Shakri with Salem Saleh.

Al Nasr continued their rapid attacks and Joan Al Omari almost added the second goal from a header near the right-hand corner Al Jazeer'a goal post.

The last quarter of the game, Al Nasr gained many opportunities, Rashid Omar did not succeed in overcoming the goalkeeper of Al Jazira on a dangerous ball.

Al Jazira had a chance to score in the 87th minute through striker Ali Mabkhout but goalkeeper Ahmed Shambeh managed to clear the ball away.

Al Nasr took the 2nd subsituation in the 89th minute when Massaoud Soliman entered, replacing Ibrahim Abbas but the match continued on the same score until the referee announced the end of the game with Al Nasr 1-0 victory over Al Jazira.

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