Ali Murad and Al Yassi welcome Jovanovic's return and insist its a good motivation for the team

Monday, 22 January 2018 - 8:00pm

The 1st team assistant coach Ali Murad confirmed that the team was well prepared for the match in the 13th round of the Arabian Gulf League, stressing the great confidence in all players in order to win and return the team back to the winning ways, where the players committed themselves to provide their best during the coming period.

"The return of coach Ivan Jovanovic is a great motivation for the players, especially because he knows them well and we hope that this will be positive for the players and the team in general and it will pay off quickly.

Murad stressed that he had asked the players to turn the page of exit from President's Cup and prepare to enter the league championship, combat spirit and focus on to win the three points to cheer the Al Nasr fans.

"The morale will definitely play a big part in this game but our ambitions are great and our goal is to win the game," he said.

For his part, Ahmed Al Yassi said that the conditions experienced by the team is normal in the world of football and must be dealt with, and promised to Al Nasr fans to present well in all upcoming games.

He welcomed the return of Serbian coach Ivan Jovanovic, stressing that its a good decision, especially that he knows everything about the team and players and able to find new motives to alert the players and the best of their output.




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