Caio stresses the readiness of Al Nasr to compete in local competitions, and Negredo invites fans to support the team

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 - 8:30pm

Brazilian coach of the first team Caio Zanardi started speaking at the introductory press conference of Al-Nasr and Ittihad Kalba as part of the first round of the first group of the Arabian Gulf Cup : After the two months of the competitions stopped after the last Al Jazeera match, We are back to start the new sporting season against Ittihad Kalba in the Arabian Gulf Cup, during the break, we went through a 25-day preparatory camp where we prepared well, intensified physical training and focused on applying technical and tactical aspects that would help achieve greater harmony and understanding among all players.

Caio added : We have a ready list of 27 players, we have worked with them to prepare them well, and we are trying to complete our preparations in the coming period and use the next three games in the Cup to reach the best readiness before the first game of Arabian Gulf League.

Caio continued: It is well known in the world of football that it takes time to change the players, in order to achieve harmony and understanding between them. We will do our best in the next games to appear as best as possible.

And on leading the team before the start of the sporting season, Caio said : Of course, this is quite different from mid-season leadership, Now I have a lot of space and more time to get to know the players and understand their mentality well, and restore their confidence and motivate them strongly, besides training them on different plans and methods, this contributes to the creation of a strong team capable of competing and achieving the desired goals.

On the injuries of some players on the team, Caio said : Injuries are common in football, we have Mohammed Al Jasmi, who is absent after surgery in the cruciate ligament, Mohamed Al Akbari, who was injured at the end of last season, he was recalled and returned with the same injury, the player has a minor injury as well as some stress as a result of his participation in the Cuban national team before joining the preparatory camp, so we preferred to give him some rest to be optimized before the start of the league.

Caio concluded his remarks by talking about the resident players: "We have Gabriel Valentini and his compatriot Globier, they have some experience as a result of their participation in local tournaments, as well as Fosari, who participated with Al Ittihad, but they are still young players who need to gain experience, and I am very satisfied with the level," he added. I think that their presence will increase the competition between the players and this is healthy for the team.

Alvaro Negredo, the team's striker, spoke at the pre match press conference of Kalba match saying : I hope that the new season will be a lot better than the previous season, which was not up to our ambitions, and I think this season will be good for all of us.

Negredo continued : I hope that the fans will be more than the before, to support the players and motivate them strongly during the coming games, in order to achieve the best desired results that help the team to achieve its goals and ambitions.

Negredo concluded: 'I take responsibility as a player and team leader, we are working from an integrated system representing a long-standing entity, so our thinking is limited to playing together to help the team achieve its goals and the aspirations of its fans.


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