Caio: We have the desire and strength as well as enough enthusiasm to win and qualify into the quarterfinals

Saturday, 8 December 2018 - 4:30pm

"We are fully aware of the importance of the upcoming match against Bani Yas team in the most important tournament of the season, I am confident in the ability of our players to provide their best in this game and the fighting spirit to defend the motto of the Al Nasr and return from the stadium Khalid bin Mohammed with a ticket to qualify for the quarterfinals" ,  with these words, Mr. Caio Zanardi, the Head Coach of our first football team, started the pre match press conference of the Al Nasr vs Bani Yas game in the Round 16 of the President's Cup . 

He added, " I know the importance of this game and asked the players to do more and raise the concentration rates to provide the performance that ensures us to achieve the desired result, we have the desire to win and we will do our best to cross the obstacle Bani Yas and qualify to the quarter-finals in this important tournament, our players have the desire and strength as well as the enthusiasm to win "

He also added, "We have no absences, our team has a group of best players and the best proof of that is the selection of 8 players in national teams, I trust the potential of our players  in order to achieve the ambitions and goals, they want to enjoy the ball away from the pressure and regain their self-confidence and remain the only goal before each game is to win"

Tariq Ahmed, our 1st football team player, said "The Cup matches are always quite different from league matches, and this tournament remains the most important and we are looking to win against the Bani Yas in tomorrow's game to be our start to achieve the dearest title "

He added, " Whoever carries the lofo of Al Nasr must have the spirit of combat to achieve more victories, whatever pressure we are under, we see it as a positive pressure to redouble our efforts and work to show our true performance and a very strong confidence in my fellow players to deliver the best performance that leads the Al Nasr to qualify for the quarterfinals."

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