Jovanovic: Derby has its own importance and Al Nasr never plays for a draw

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 - 5:45pm

Ivanov Jovanovic expressed that the derby matches between Al Nasr and Al Wasl have special importance and are always strong and friendly. Jovanovic also stressed that the outcome of the first leg does not represent any advantage at all and requires players to play in order to win and fight on the pitch. From the first minute until the team qualifies into the semi-finals.

"Al Nasr team never plays for a draw, we are looking for winning and players have to fight to qualify for the next round. The spirit of the players in the current period is the key of winning and the source of optimism for me," Jovanovic said at the press conference.

"We have the motivation and the desire to win and qualify to the semi-finals and are keen to provide the best performance possible despite the absence which have significant impact on the performance of the team, but the enthusiasm shown by players in the trainings and games doubled the confidence of the players themselves and give them new motives and incentives to appear the best Possible ".

For his part, Joan Al-Omari stressed the importance of the game, which comes at a time when the morale of the players and the team succeeded to some extent by overcoming the difficult period it went through.

"In the dressing room we all agreed to fight and do our best to win and continue to win until we win the trophy and improve the team's position on the league table."





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