Prandelli: We'll have a great game ahead

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 - 7:15pm

Written By | Mohamed Sarhan
Media Center

Italian coach Cesare Prandelli has expressed his confidence in the players to perform well and win three points against Al Wahda in the second round of the Arabian Gulf League.

"Each team plays in a different way and facing Al Wahda team is completely different from the previous match against Sharjah, which plays in a defensive but the team Al Wahda plays a neat and beautiful football," Prandelli said at the presentation press conference.

"In the previous game, we managed to create more than one chances to score. This is an important for me, but we missed the match and the final touch to win, despite the total takeover and almost absolute control of the game."

"The management of the club is behind us and we are striving to achieve the aspirations of the fans. The team is developing as a well integrated system and the atmosphere is very positive in the dressing room and over time we will reach full readiness that will enable us to win in every game." , he added.

Salem Saleh said: "We are determined to win the next game. We will play a strong match against Al Wahda and prepare the fans of the two clubs to see an enjoyable match between two big teams who have all the chances of winning."
"Al Nasr team has the best players, but the absence of success from us in the previous round deprived us of winning and when we were today no team will stop us."


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