Workshop for goalkeepers coaches at the academy

Friday, 18 August 2017 - 9:30am

Al Nasr football academy organized workshop for goalkeeper coaches entitled "The Role of the Modern goalkeeper" on thursday, by Captain Khamis Salem Marzouq, General Supervisor of 'goalkeepers coaches at the Academy and in the presence of goalkeepers' caoches in the youth sector.

The workshop discussed many technical and administrative aspects of the training of goalkeepers. The lecturer also discussed many technical topics and scientific methods related to the training of goalkeepers.

The workshop witnessed several interventions and discussions by the trainers and stressed the importance of setting up the technical workshops for the great benefit that the coaches get through participation.

For his part, Captain Khamis Salem said that these workshops come within the framework of the implementation of the Al Nasr football academy program for the rehabilitation of technical coaches and raising the efficiency of coaches working in the academy.

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